Power BI Guidance

  • A Windows desktop application called Power BI Desktop.
  • An online SaaS (Software as a Service) service called the Power BI service.
  • Power BI mobile apps for Windows, iOS, and Android devices.
  • Power BI Report Server
  1. Power BI Premium to get dedicated and enhanced resources for your organization, so users in your organization can use the Power BI service with better performance and responsiveness. Power BI Premium is a tenant-level Microsoft 365 subscription available in two SKU (Stock-Keeping Unit) families: P SKU (P1-P5) and EM SKUs (EM1-EM3). I recommend reading this article for more information.
  2. Power BI Embedded subscription in Azure. There is a single A (A1-A6) SKU family that requires no commitment and is billed hourly for use white labeling Power BI in applications, portals, and websites or as a way to test P or EM capacities. Read this article for information.
  3. Power BI Pro is an individual user license that lets users read and interact with reports and dashboards that others have published to the Power BI service. Users with this license type can share content and collaborate with other Power BI Pro users. Only Power BI Pro users can publish or share content with other users or consume content that’s created by others unless a Power BI Premium capacity hosts that content.

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